Antique Paintings

'Saltash with the Water Ferry, Cornwall', an oil on canvas, was painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1811. It is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
focussed on the old Passage House Inn, with its upper storey arching over the end of Tamar Street, the painting also shows a sailboat and a rowboat grounded in shallow water at the slipway, with various human and animal figures both in front of the Inn and in the part of Tamar Street visible through the archway.

'Mary Newman's Cottage at Saltash' and 'Forder Mill near Saltash', two watercolour paintings by Walter R Ward, are now in the Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
the plain end wall and whitewashed front of Mary Newman's cottage, together with the front of the adjoining cottage, are sketched as seen from slightly uphill and across the road, with the Tamar and the Devon shore visible in the background.a close-up view of the old mill yard, showing only a section of the buildings with part of an open lean-to containing implements and a large open doorway through which can be seen a window on the opposite side of the main building.

'Old Town Hall and Goal Saltash' and 'Waterside, Saltash, from Silver Street', painted c.1900 by Henry Martin, are part of the collection belonging to Saltash Town Council.
The old Town Hall in the background is partially obscured by the branches of a tree on one side and the slate-fronted building standing at right-angles to it in the foreground. A waistcoated man with a white shirt and cloth cap stands just inside the open gate in the heavy wooden fence surrounding the buildings, with a top-hatted figure behind him.The view from the top of Silver Street looks down over the jumbled roofs and smoking chimneys of old Waterside and across the Tamar to the far shore. An old bearded man in a hat converses with a boy in shirt and breeches on the stepped footpath to the left, and a woman in a shawl with a basket under her arm leans against the wall separating the street from the lower footpath.

'Tamar Street, Saltash', painted in oils by Agnes Hope Fynmore c.1905, is part of the collection made by the Saltash Heritage Museum and Local History Centre.
A detailed view of the north end of Tamar street, showing a girl in a red pinafore making a purchase from an open shop front to the left, a small child sitting on the kerb to the right in front of another open shop front, and a woman in white with a basket under her arm in the middle of the street. In the background, two women converse on the left, a woman stands in the doorway of a house on the right, speaking to another girl, with two small children on the pavement behind her, and a man stands under the arch spanning the street. A single window of the Passage House Inn overlooks the street, with the Inn's signboard below it.

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