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Brunel Green and Jubilee Green, Old Ferry Road, PL12 6BJ
(green area, seating)
China Fleet Country Club, North Pill, PL12 6LJ
(golf course, spa, various members-only fitness facilities)
Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve, St Stephens, PL12 4AR
(country walks)
The Core Youth Project, Church Road, PL12 4AE
(musical facilities, pool, climbing wall, other indoor sports facilities)
Phone 01752 842586 to pre-book the climbing wall
Elliott's Store, Lower Fore Street, PL12 6JQ
(living museum: 'time capsule' shop from the 1970s)
Elwell Woods, Lower Fore Street - Elwell Road, PL12 6JD
(woodland walk, garden area, seating)
Forder Green, Forder, PL12 4QS
(green area, seating)
Huntley Gardens, Silver Street, PL12 4EJ
(garden area, seating)
Ince Castle Gardens, Nr Elm Gate, PL12 4RA
(walks: private woodland, orchard, and formal gardens)
Photo credit: Saltash Live at Home
Livewire Youth Project, Tamar Street, PL12 4EL
(musical facilities, pool, games tables)
Longstone Park, Callington Road, PL12 6UH
(outdoor tennis and basketball courts, children's play area, green area, seating)

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