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Mary Newman's Cottage, Culver Road, PL12 4DT
(living museum: Elizabethan cottage and garden)
Peace Garden, Alexandra Square, PL12 6AR
(garden area, seating)
Saltash Leisure Centre, Callington Road, PL12 6DJ
(swimming pools and gym / fitness suite)
Saltash Museum and Local History Centre, Lower Fore Street, PL12 6JQ
Saltmill Millenium Park, Salt Mill, PL12 6BZ
(skateboarding / BMX area, children's play area, green area with paths, seating)
Tincombe Nature Reserve. Tincombe - Oaklands Drive, PL12 4ST
(country walks)
Trematon Castle Gardens, Castle Hill, PL12 4QR
(walks: private woodland, orchard, and formal gardens)
Photo credit: Backlane Notebook
Victoria Gardens, Fore Street, PL12 4BG
(garden area, seating)

If you'd like to explore the lanes and footpaths of Saltash Civil Parish, Saltash Town Council has a series of suggested routes for country walks.

If you'd prefer to explore the urban area of Saltash, the Council offers 'Saltash Town Trails' (pdf 1.6MB).

For details of the many sports, hobby, and social clubs and groups in Saltash, see Saltash Town Council's lists of Sports Clubs and Other Leisure Organisations

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