Pubs, Inns, and Clubs

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The Brunel Inn, 83 Fore Street, PL12 6AE
phone: 01752 842261
(accommodation, food, and public bar)
The Cecil Arms, St Stephens Hill, PL12 4AR
phone: 01752 843408
(food & public bar)
China Fleet Country Club, North Pill, PL12 6LJ
phone: 01752 854661
(accommodation, food, and public bar)
The Crooked Inn, Trematon, PL12 4RZ
phone: 01752 848177
(accommodation, food, and public bar)
The Essa Club, Alexandra Square, PL12 6AN
phone: 01752 842826 after 8pm
(private lounge bar which permits up to 3 evening visits by non-members)
The Rodney, 375 New Road, PL12 6HL
phone: 01752 848507
(food & public bar)
The Ploughboy Inn, Liskeard Road, PL12 4HG
phone: 01752 842861
(food & public bar)
The Railway Hotel, 1 Fore Street, PL12 6AF
phone: 01752 843691
(accommodation, food & public bar)
Saltash Social Club, The Mansion, Fore Street, PL12 6JL
phone: 01752 842863
(private members club with lounge bar serving food - new members welcome)
The Two Bridges Inn, 13 Albert Road, PL12 4EB
phone: 01752 848952
(food & public bar)
The Union Inn, Tamar Street, PL12 4EL
phone: 01752 844770
(public bar)

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